Job Outlook and the Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP)

Job Outlook

Since 2000, the Job Outlook website has provided labour market information for occupations in the Australian jobs market.  Job Outlook had a diverse range of users including

  • students
  • job seekers
  • careers advisors
  • employment services providers
  • training providers
  • rehabilitation providers
  • policy and program analysts
  • migration agents.

Timeline of Job Outlook home page - screenshots from 2000, 2008 and 2018

Job Outlook had labour market information for over 1000 occupations as well as a number of interactive tools designed to help users explore and interact with the occupational content.

For over 20 years, Job Outlook hosted the popular Career Quiz. The quiz identified users’ preferred work styles and suggested careers based on their preferences.

The Skills Match feature was released on Job Outlook in 2019. It helped users identify skills they had developed in past jobs, suggested alternative careers that use their skills and showed new skills they may need to develop to move into another career. The Your Career website has a similar feature called Your Options Now.

The Explore Australia feature had labour market data at a regional level, including both Labour Force Regions and Electorates. Only the Labour Force Region data was carried across to the LMI website.

Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP)

In 2005, the LMIP website was created as a data repository to help employment service providers better understand their local labour market.

Over the years, the amount and type of information on LMIP grew, catering to a wider range of users. This established LMIP as a leading source of labour market data.

timeline off LMIP home pages - screen shots from 2006, 2013 and 2016

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