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The Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) is a monthly count of online job advertisements compiled by the National Skills Commission (NSC).

Data are available by occupational groups, skill level groups, state or territory and by regional areas.

Latest preliminary data available for: August 2022

Latest detailed occupation, skill level and region data for: July 2022

Next release date - detailed IVI data: Early-mid October 2022 

Headline results – August 2022

In seasonally adjusted terms, job advertisements increased by 2.6% (or 7,700 advertisements) in August 2022 to stand at 301,100, resuming the growth trend observed prior to the decline recorded in July 2022. There has been sustained growth in recruitment activity over the past twelve months with job advertisements up by 37.7% (or 82,400).

Headline results for August 2022, seasonally adjusted data 

IVI total job advertisements Change over the month Change over the year Pre-COVID comparison
(no.) (no.) (%) (no.) (%) (no.) (%)
301,100 7,700 2.6% 82,400 37.7% 132,800 78.9%

IVI job advertisements - January 2022 to August 2022

IVI job advertisements - January 2006 to August 2022 

State and territory – headline results

New South Wales  94,600 490 0.5% 31,600 50.2% 36,000 61.5%
Victoria 81,800 6,700 8.9% 21,000 34.6% 36,200 79.3%
Queensland 60,500 1,500 2.5% 16,800 38.5% 29,500 95.1%
South Australia 15,400 -260 -1.6% 3,000 23.9% 7,800 102.3%
Western Australia 33,300 180 0.5% 6,200 22.7% 17,100 105.8%
Tasmania 4,500 210 4.8% 1,600 56.4% 2,700 154.0%
Northern Territory 3,200 320 11.2% 540 20.6% 1,500 90.4%
Australian Capital Territory 7,800 230 3.0% 1,600 25.8% 2,000 35.0%
State/Territory IVI total job advertisements Change over the month Change over the year Pre-COVID comparison
  (no.) (no.) (%) (no.) (%) (no.) (%)

Postponement of the Detailed August 2022 Internet Vacancy Index data and Vacancy Report

The NSC has postponed the publication of the detailed Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) data and associated Vacancy Report for August 2022, which was previously scheduled to be published on 21 September 2022, in order to resolve a data file error from one of our data sources. Some job ads in the Hospitality and Tourism classification were incorrectly excluded. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Importantly, we do not expect that the resolution of these technical issues will have a material impact on the scale of total IVI job advertisements, nor on the prevailing trend of increases in total job vacancies observed during 2022 to date.

We currently anticipate being in a position to publish the detailed August 2022 IVI data and associated report in the first half of October but will provide updated advice if this timing changes.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


PDF document
August 2022 Preliminary IVI Results

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PDF document
IVI Detailed Vacancy Report July 22

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Future release dates

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Detailed IVI data and Vacancy Report

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Early-mid October 2022

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Useful links

Methodology - See the Internet Vacancy Index Methodology Page for detailed information regarding the IVI, such as how the data are compiled, a map of the regional structure and important notes on use and interpretation of the data.

National Skills Commission news centre – The news centre includes media releases, analytical articles and blog posts featuring analysis of the IVI data.

Understanding recruitment activity – The NSC surveys employers through the Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey to understand their perspectives on the labour market. Data and reporting, including insights into the methods used by employers to fill vacancies, can be found on the Employers' Recruitment Insights and Employers' Insights for Job Seekers pages.

Interactive map of IVI data - The Regional Australia Institute have developed an interactive map allowing users to explore occupational IVI data by region.


The National Skills Commission thanks the following job boards for their ongoing contribution to the IVI:

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