Labour market data by area

Final update: 29 August 2023

Note: this dashboard has been superseded by the Jobs and Skills Atlas app found on the JSA website here and will no longer be updated as of 29 August 2023. SALM data, which is not included in the Atlas app, can also be found here.

This interactive dashboard provides labour market indicators, such as employment numbers and rates of unemployment and participation, at the national, state and territory levels, as well as for smaller regional areas (SA4 and SA2).

Users can drill down into the data for specific regions and compare data for multiple regions at the same time. You can also export the data as a spreadsheet or maps, as images and PDF files.

The dashboard contains:

          • Tables providing key labour market indicators including
            • employment numbers
            • unemployment numbers
            • unemployment rates (%)
            • participation rates (%)
          • Maps showing unemployment rates (%) by SA4 regions
          • Maps showing youth unemployment rates (%) by SA4 regions
          • Maps showing unemployment rates (%) by SA2 regions




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