Labour Market Update

Jobs and Skills Australia analyses different sources of labour market information to provide you with insights into important workforce and employment trends.

To help you understand the latest data, summaries of key labour market publications are available for download on this page.




ABS Labour Force Detailed Quarterly Results

This document includes key points on industry, occupation and skill level employment from the detailed August quarter 2022, ABS Labour Force Survey data.

Further information about this data can be found on the ABS website.

Next release: December 2022 (covering November quarter 2022 data).

PDF document
ABS Detailed Labour Force Survey Results August 2022

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Job Openings and Replacement Rates by Occupation

The Job Openings and Replacement Rates by Occupation report highlights the additional insights that can be gained from both job advertisement and five-year employment projections data by considering the degree of job turnover (or churn) typically experienced by an occupation.

PDF document
Job Openings And Replacement Rates By Occupation September 2022

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