Job Outlook and Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP) transition to Labour Market Insights (LMI)

The Labour Market Insights (LMI) website consolidates and enhances the data from LMIP and Job Outlook.

This page will help you find content previously available on these websites.

Job Outlook

Job Outlook had labour market information for occupations, industries and regions as well as a number of interactive tools designed to help users explore and interact with the occupational content.

Occupation, industry and regional content is available on LMI:

The interactive career tools, Career Quiz and Skills Match, have not moved to the LMI website.

Career Quiz

For over 20 years, Job Outlook hosted the popular Career Quiz. The quiz identified users’ preferred work styles and suggested careers based on their preferences.

With the Career Quiz unavailable online, we’ve developed a downloadable offline version.

ALERT: if the excel file opens in "PROTECTED VIEW" you will need to select "Enable Editing" in order to use the file. 

Excel document
Career Quiz

(990 Kb)

Skills Match

The Skills Match feature was released on Job Outlook in 2019. It helped users identify skills they had developed in past jobs, suggested alternative careers that use their skills and showed new skills they may need to develop to move into another career.

Alternative career tools

The National Careers Institute (NCI) is now responsible for providing career advice and career tools on their Your Career website. The career exploration tools currently available on their website are:

You can also explore other resources that help you to understand how your skills can be used in other occupations, such as:

Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP)

In 2005, the LMIP website was created as a data repository to help employment service providers better understand their local labour market.

Over the years, the amount and type of information on LMIP grew, catering to a wider range of users. This established LMIP as a leading source of labour market data.

The following LMIP products are available on LMI:

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