Australian Labour Market Overview

The Australian Labour Market Overview (previously the Australian Labour Market Update) provides information for migrants and temporary visa holders seeking jobs in Australia.

Migrants in Australia have different labour market outcomes, depending on their skill level, age, English proficiency, recent and relevant work experience, and the period since their arrival in Australia.

People considering migrating to Australia may consider reviewing the Department of Home Affairs to gain information about visa programs.

Queries on the Australian Labour Market Overview, including requests for copies of previous editions, should be emailed to migration@skillscommission.gov.au.

Word document
Australian Labour Market Overview September 2022 (DOCX)

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PDF document
Australian Labour Market Overview September 2022 (PDF)

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Skilled Migration Occupation Lists

The National Skills Commission (NSC) is responsible for providing advice to Government on the skilled migration occupation lists (SMOL) to ensure they are responsive to skilled workforce needs across Australia. Information on the SMOL, including future reviews is available at Skilled Migration Occupation Lists.

Other Research

The NSC also undertakes analysis on migration and international labour market issues. Reports based on this analysis will be released on this website, with staff blogs available at News centre.

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