About Us

Jobs and Skills Australia's Labour Market Insights (LMI) website provides up-to-date information about what’s happening in the Australian jobs market including information about numbers of job vacancies, employment and unemployment rates and employer experiences when advertising for and recruiting staff.

You'll find a range of research and reports on LMI as well as labour market trends and characteristics data for regions, industries and occupations.

We share our data, research and insights into the jobs market so you can

  • Learn about trends in your local labour market
  • Identify jobs and skills in demand
  • Understand employer needs and recruitment trends
  • Use credible government data to inform your work.

The LMI website supports the data needs for a variety of users, including

  • labour market analysts
  • employment services providers
  • employers
  • governments
  • rehabilitation providers
  • training providers
  • career advisors
  • students
  • and anyone else with an interest in the Australian labour market.

LMI was launched in February 2022, this website consolidates and enhances the information from the Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP) and Job Outlook to create a single, reliable source of labour market information. Click here for information on the history of the LMIP and Job Outlook websites. 

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