Employers' Insights for Job Seekers

What employers look for when hiring

Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) conducts regular surveys of employers to understand their recruitment activity and experiences. As part of these surveys, employers have provided insights into what they look for when recruiting staff and the skills and attributes they require.

In general, employers focus on these 3 things:

1. Education

According to the JSA employment projections (2020 to 2025) over 90% of new jobs  to be created by 2025 are likely to require either relevant Vocational Education and Training (VET) or university qualifications.

2. Employability skills

JSA research shows that 75% of employers believe employability skills are just as important, if not more important, than technical skills when hiring. Job seekers can stand out from other candidates by highlighting their employability skills and demonstrating how they will assist the business.

3. Experience

Both paid work and volunteering can help build the skills needed in the workplace. Experience will also help build contacts and establish networks. Work experience also gives job seekers a better understanding of employer expectations and helps boost skills and confidence. 

Recruitment methods used

Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey (REOS) collects information on the methods employers use to recruit staff. Understanding how employers recruit can improve a person’s chances of finding the right job for them. Employers often use more than one method to advertise their vacancies.



Source: REOS Recruitment methods


Using data from Jobs and Skills Australia and a range of other sources, the JSA has developed information and resources to assist those navigating the jobs market. This includes research and advice for: job seekers, including those who may face barriers in their search for work; job and community providers; career and education professionals; and governments providing programs and policy support.

Job seekers

PDF document
What Are Employers Looking For

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PDF document
The Importance Of Your Personal Skills And Qualities When Looking For A Job

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PDF document
JSA Generic Presentation Resource For Job Seekers April 2023

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Career advisors

PDF document
JSA Generic Presentation Resource For Career Advisor April 2023

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Retrenched workers

PDF document
JSA Generic Presentation Resource For Workers Facing Retrenchment April 2023

(1.74 Mb)

Youth moving from study to work

PDF document
Transitioning From VET To Work

(664 Kb)

PDF document
Transitioning From University To Work

(646 Kb)

Mature aged workers

PDF document
Employers' Experiences And Attitudes To Hiring Mature Age Workers

(790 Kb)

PDF document
Employers' Tips For Mature Age Job Seekers

(98 Kb)

Indigenous jobs seekers

PDF document
Improving Employment Prospects For Indigenous Australians

(344 Kb)

Workers with disability and mental health conditions

PDF document
Employers' Experiences Hiring Job Seekers With Disability Report

(682 Kb)

PDF document
Supporting Employers To Hire Workers With Mental Health Conditions

(119 Kb)

Refugee job seekers

PDF document
Employer Views And Experiences Hiring Refugee Workers

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PDF document
Summary Supporting Ex Offenders Into The Jobs Market

(403 Kb)

PDF document
Report Supporting Ex Offenders Into The Jobs Market

(729 Kb)

Contact details

For further information on the dashboards and/or profiles please contact REOS@jobsandskills.gov.au 

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